Unique, Multifunctional Water System It is our aim to offer natural processes of unique advantage to our customers. These processes are consuming very low energy, requiring no maintenance. Each installation is carefully assembled in Switzerland and can be mounted by the customer. Our warranty allows risk-free purchase of all systems with the right to return or exchange and a 3- … Read More

Health Insights

Health: A late insight The medical journal “DIE NEUE AERZTLICHE” (publisher FAZ) put a well-known but increasingly pressing water problem up for discussion in a fairly frank presentation end of February 2008: There are approximately 220 000 water softener units in use in Germany and each year 18 000 more units are sold. The numbers used to be even higher … Read More

Dreamwater and Science

Dreamwater and science! A computer simulation shows it for the first time: Water in our cells works like a smart engineer. It takes care of the trouble free functioning of proteins. The protein molecule bakteriorhodopsin is surrounded by a cell membrane, which is suspended in water. Protons (hydrogen atoms without negatively charged electron sheath) have to be pumped through cell … Read More

SIROX – Sanitron

Sanitron Technology: Successful for many years..Nature can be working against you Calcium Deposits! WATER PROBLEMS Calcium and magnesium minerals often found in drinking and process water can grow dagger like deposits inside pipe and other wetted surfaces, see photographs. When water – either flowing or at rest – is heated or swirled under pressure, calcium deposits can already be expected … Read More