Dreamwater and science!

A computer simulation shows it for the first time: Water in our cells works like a smart engineer. It takes care of the trouble free functioning of proteins. The protein molecule bakteriorhodopsin is surrounded by a cell membrane, which is suspended in water. Protons (hydrogen atoms without negatively charged electron sheath) have to be pumped through cell membrane openings in order for vital functions of the cell to work properly. Active water molecules are responsible for the pumping process. When water evaporates, every water sample leaves individual ‘drop images’. Good drinking water that passes on its natural information to the human organism thus supports health like various healing and thermal waters.

Vital minerals

Minerals that are solved in water are responsible for the smooth function of muscles and nerves and are important building blocks for bones. Dreamwater supports the energetic metabolism in humans, animals and plants.

Calcium belongs in bones!

Dreamwater should be consumed daily even if you have soft water. Since the minerals are not deposited in the pipes, it is essential that the leftover CaCO3 reaches the organism.

Drink naturally!

Water is the basis for all processes of life. It is not very well known though that the regeneration of body cells, functioning of nerves, a regular heartbeat, the detoxification of the body etc. are not possible without sufficient minerals (potassium, calcite, calcium and magnesium) in the water in the body. The same holds true for animals and plants. In many cases, significant amounts of minerals are detracted from the water in order to avoid limestone deposits in the piping systems. This softening process is not only harmful for health reasons but it also disturbs the natural molecular structure of drinking water.


By using the dreamwater unit, SIROX was the first company worldwide that was successfully capable to regenerate, vitalize, and levitate drinking water without interfering with the piping system. By using the dreamwater system they were capable to return the molecular structure of water to its natural information characteristics and to maintain the supply of all the essential minerals and trace elements.

Water quality

You consume drinking water like original spring water from the high mountains. You will sense the power of pure spring water.


1. Energy source from the tap
2. Naturally enriched with vital minerals
3. No information about toxic substances in the drinking water
4. No mineral deposits in household appliances
5. Improved metabolism for humans, animals and plants

Dreamwater – Development

Latest scientific research found out that the information contained in water disappears when water is evaporated and heated to 400 °C at the same time, which proves to be cumbersome and expensive. Another option is to levitate water under pressure with 100 000 revolutions per minute, which also is mechanically difficult.
Perfect technology

Crystal Analysis: Making Energy And Dynamic Related Water Qualities Visible

Crystal analysis was developed at the beginning of the nineties, representing a new procedure for investigating quality in many areas. It is employed in quality control in the production of medicinal plants, foodstuffs, consumer items such as laundry detergents, beverages and the assessment of drinking water. Furthermore, crystal analysis is successfully employed in medical diagnostic procedures.
Crystal analysis has become popular, because the layman can easily identify with the quality of, for instance, a water sample. The convincing aspect of this method is the fact that nothing is added to the samples to be investigated, there are no dissolving agents or additives. Dissolved crystalline solutions are produces from water, without subjecting the water sample to the addition of other substances.
Through gentle extraction, liquid portions on the one side and firm, mineral components on the other side are gained from the water. Since no additives are used, the water sample reveals itself in its inner composition and thereby demonstrates its structure and qualitative condition.

The crystal pictures can demonstrate physical features on account of which a determination can be made whether the drinking water sample represents high or inferiors quality. This, however, does not address the chemical parameters – there is no determination of (chemical) components it merely determines energy levels, internal structure of the water, the amount of information and natural quality.

Evaluation of crystal pictures follows a standardized procedure. Depending on the grade of water, certain angular, crystal structure allows conclusions as to the quality of the water.

For instance, high-quality water increases 60o angle structures which are displayed as star-like crystals. The more star-like crystals and 60o angle structures occur, the higher is the quality of the water.

Inversely, a tendency for 90 o angle structures points towards an energy poor, stressed water, receiving poor marks. If 90 o angle structures are predominant, the water is not suitable for potable purposes.

The formation of specific angular structures, it should be noted, is independent of the water’s mineral composition. We are dealing here with a so-called dendritic crystallization, under which individual, small crystals conglomerate into larger entities. These specific arrangements occur under the influence of forces inherent to the specific water sample. In case of a high energy level of the water sample, the crystal formation is distinctly different from that of water with a low-energy profile.

Source: Wasser-Kristall-Welten (water-crystal worlds) by Adreas Schulz,
AT-Publishers, Aarau and Munich, ISBN 3-85502-894-x


In order for proteins to fulfill their biochemical functions, their long, amino-acid chains must fold in specific patterns. Water is an indispensable ingredient of this process. By rejecting water phobic protein regions, the protein if forced into these forms equipment in a laboratory.

Only with high investments in research the secretes of water may bed better understood.

Water Hardness of 70-700ppm CaCO3 (parts per million calcium carbonate)

Water lives and enlivens. Water:

Each water has a tremendous energy potential. Just think of the energy release during a thunderstorm! Water also, is a charge carrier with multiple effects. Every living function of creature or plant is inconceivable without the water’s characteristics and its dissolved minerals.Water is not merely a solvent, as it has been thought of for many years, but it takes actively part in all of life’s important processes.
Water dynamics: The natural dynamics of our drinking water becomes in many different ways disturbed and its enlivening powers reduced. Experts speak of lifeless or dead water.

Unnatural water transport in canals and piping systems >

Quality Of Piped Water Decreases Steadily.

Loss of vitality is caused by:

UV influence
Water transport in canals and piping systems
Pollution from agricultural run-off, chemical
Water softeners contamination, fine dust. Estrogen (baby pill) etc.
Filtering of undesirable chemicals
Acidic water
Insufficient water conductivity
Extensive transport over hundreds of kilometers 

Crystalline Structure Revealing Damaged Water

Damaged river water

Stressed ground water

Bad water in pipes

90o angular structures and the rigid crystallization show water, which has been alienated from its natural state, barely containing any life forces necessary for the vitalization of human organisms.

The energy balance is negative, so that people who consume this water for their metabolism,
lose more energy, instead should gain from its consumption. Such water is harmful.

Crystalline Structure Revealing Healing Power Potential

Healing water

High quality spring water

Vitalized water

60o angular structures show filigreed crystal character, indicating large surface formations of the minerals. The bio-availability of minerals therefore is very high; the minerals can easily be absorbed by metabolic action. The water is energy-rich, indicating no damaging structures.

Because of the mentioned influences, the generally available drinking water is very much disturbed in its energy potential. This has also resulted in damage to the water’s (physical, molecular?) structure.

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Influence on Health

Drinking water, so essential for metabolic processes, has often been robbed of is natural potential. It has become much too passive. Important metabolic processes of the immune system, acid/alkaline balance, vitality, general well being and memory can all be negatively influenced.

Organisms, weakened by a multitude of stresses, under the influence of such damaged water, can disturb the colloidal milieu and thereby become a major factor in the formation of systemic illnesses.

Nature’s corrective Power

The production of high-quality drinking water, its physical regeneration are constantly gaining in importance. Medically effective water offers the possibility of compensating for the continued, negative interference with naturally occurring water regeneration.

When water is well, all is well!
Acidification of the Body.

Healthy blood
Acidic (sick) blood

The acidification of the human body is viewed as civilization’s illness No. 1. You may be
surprised by the excellent taste of detoxified water, which has a six times higher re-hydration capability than ordinary tap water. You feel better, younger and more capable. A stable acid/alkaline- ratio is life’s foundation. Today, six times as many people are suffering from chronic illnesses than people were 50 years ago.

Water’s Healing Power

General well being
Dreamwater, when consumed regularly, has a positive influence on the power of concentration,
general condition and well being. Sleep disturbances are minimized. Digestion and body fluid-content normalize in short time.

Many observations suggest stimulation of the metabolism, improved blood flow and pressure.
Kidney and spleen functioning is stimulated.

Blood (Values)
Dreamwater promotes normalization of blood fat (of blood’sfatty acids?) and also liver values. The blood-sugar levels of diabetics, especially of age-related diabetics nearly always suggests normalization.

Detoxifying of the body with regular consumption of Dreamwater promotes the dissolving of mineral deposits. Several cases of dissolved kidney- and gallstones have been recorded after regular consumption of Dreamwater.

Illnesses that manifest themselves primarily on the skin, are beneficially influenced through consumption and also the external application of Dreamwater.

Positive experiences, mostly in connection with medical therapy can be found with neurodermitis, psoriasis and acne.

Other Dreamwater Features
Dreamwater changes the molecular behaviour of water. It becomes softer and substantially more skin friendly. Chemical consumption can be reduced by at least 50% without worsening of so far known results.

Dreamwater is especially suitable for the production of foodstuff and beverages. It achieves a very stable mixture when using aroma essences.

In closing, it should be mentioned that, no matter how healthy, any organism can survives health-threatening influences only for so long. Therefore, compensating toxic reactions by consuming Dreamwater has its limits.