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Water Conditioners work by altering the crystallization behavior of Calcium and Magnesium ions such that they loose their ability to cause adhesive scale. Although some are skeptical as to their effectiveness, there have been many cases where people have found them to be very successful.

It is flowing from your tap!
Dreamwater is a new water treatment system aimed at the vitalization of water that is enriching water with minerals vital for your health. It has been developed according to latest findings from water research. The system operates very effective within the range of soft to hard water and when using water softeners. Drink yourself fit daily and stay healthy.
Traveling from its source to the place of installation drinking water sometimes has undergone a long way. Pipes are partly old and susceptible to deterioration. This drinking water should be called ‘used water’ and it has characteristics like bad taste, remnants of nitrogen, fertilizers used in farming and particulate matters from air that precipitate into the drinking water.
How is your water quality?
Water treatment facilities cleanse water intricately of harmful substances and bacteria thus cleaning water chemically, but physically it still is composed of its unaltered state. This means that the information about harmful substances remain which can not have positive effects on the body.
Healthy water is healthy life!
If drinking water is softened, you consume ‘used water’ every day without knowing it. This water is lacking sufficient amounts of vital minerals. Physical harmful substances that always arise from such treatments occur in quite a variety. In such cases it is essential to make sure that the water is brought back to its original energetic state containing positive information.
Dreamwater and science!
A computer simulation shows it for the first time:

Water Softeners: Hard water contains excessive amounts of hardness minerals, calcium and magnesium. It leaves wetted surfaces with a filmy or scaly layer, and potentially increase the amount of money it takes to do everyday things like laundry, washing dishes or bathing

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