Pentek Filters

We offer a broad range of superior filter cartridge’s

About the product

At Alternative Water Solutions we use a multitude of different filters to suit the needs of each customer.  There are very few systems that we install that do not use some sort of filter cartridge within the system, before or after each system.  Pentek offers a broad range of superior filter cartridges.  They are a leader in water filtration supplies.

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About delivery and refund

Our delivery service covers the entirety of the country, and we take great care to ensure that your order arrives quickly and safely. Please take note of the following guidelines to maximize your delivery experience:

  1. When it comes to the distribution of goods, it is important to establish clear guidelines to ensure a smooth and efficient process. These guidelines should address various aspects of the distribution process such as transportation, warehousing, and delivery. They should also take into consideration factors like safety, security, and cost-effectiveness. Proper guidelines can help to reduce errors, delays, and confusion that may arise during distribution.

  2. One of the key elements of distribution guidelines is transportation. This includes choosing the appropriate mode of transportation such as air, sea, or land transport. It is also important to ensure that the carrier is reliable and can handle the volume and type of goods being distributed. Transportation guidelines should also address issues like loading and unloading procedures, insurance, and tracking.

  3. Another important aspect of distribution guidelines is warehousing. Guidelines for warehousing should address factors like the type of storage facility required, inventory management, and security. It is important to ensure that the warehouse is equipped to handle the goods being distributed and that there are measures in place to mitigate risk of damage or theft.

Overall, effective guidelines for the distribution of goods can help to ensure that goods are delivered timely, safely, and cost-effectively, while minimizing the possibility of loss or damage.