VectaPure UF360 Ultrafilter System


Vectapure UF360 is a quick change ultrafilter system designed for drinking water. The ultrafilter removes chlorine, taste and odor, bacteria and volitile organic chemicals while leaving healthy minerals in the water. This 3 stage filtration system utilizes a 5 mcron sediment filter, a carbon filter to remove VOC’s, chlorine and taste and odor and an ultrafilter membrane that strips the water to 0.01 microns effectively removing bacteria and virus. It requires no storage tank and wastes no water resulting in responsible water use. For more information on ultrafiltration click here

  • The Highest Quality Drinking Water.
  • Healthier water for your family.
  • Clean & Delicious drinking water.
  • Reduces contaminants.
  • Clean, Clear Ice Cubes.
  • Pure rinse water for fruit and vegetables.
  • Better tasting food and beverages.
  • Thriving Plants.

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