Viqua UVMax Pro Series Whole House Ultraviolet

Viqua Pro series offers a point-of-entry treatment for larger homes or commercial/public facilities.  Pro series utilizes LightWise Technology.

LightWise Lamp Dimming Technology: Dims the lamp under no flow conditions. Benefits include: 

– Ease of Maintenance: Up to 60% less maintenance
– Reduced internal chamber temperature resulting in decreased sleeve fouling
– Efficient: Estimated 30% energy savings

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Viqua Ultraviolet (UV) water sterilizers are designed specifically to kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in untreated water supplies (well water or private water systems). Ultraviolet (UV) systems are commonly installed by homeowners who have received a positive coliform, e.coli, cryptosporidium, or giardia water test result, as well as those with reason to suspect that they are at higher risk for such contamination, and those seeking to have peace-of-mind that their water is being properly disinfected prior to consumption. Ultraviolet whole house water sterilizers are exploding in popularity due to their low maintenance requirements, ease of operation, economical purchase price and operating cost, and due to the fact that unlike other treatments designed for microbiological contaminants, UV does not introduce any harmful chemicals to your water. Viqua Technologies is one of the world’s largest water treatment companies and is regarded as both a pioneer and innovator in the area of ultraviolet water treatment for the home.

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  • Ease of Maintenance: Use the diagnostic system display to troubleshoot, should a problem arise
  • High-performance amalgam UV lamp, reduces maintenance requirements by lasting up to 2 years replacement
  • Reliable: New, market leading flow-meter / UV sensor combination provides real-time UV dose
  • Powerful/Space Saving: Revolutionary Amalgam lamp  provides 4x the output of standard output lamps, giving you compact single-lamp systems that are half the size of their predecessors
  • Convenient: Features countdown timer with digital display and audible lamp change reminder for ease of maintenance
  • Cool-Touch fan technology helps reduce the temperature within the chamber to prevent overheating
  • Solenoid Valve – which will stop the flow of water through the chamber should the UV performance fall below a safe level
  • Application: Perfect for a wide range of large homes or light commercial applications including, small businesses, hospitals, dentist offices, etc.