W.E.T. – Naturally Energized Water

W.E.T emulates water’s natural journey from a mountain spring as it bubbles and splashes over paramagnetic rocks and flows down into streams and shady rivers. Thus balancing the “hard water effect” to give a softer, silkier feel, and effect to water.


With some of the most advanced method of restructuring water to date. Our ‘W.E.T.’ Naturally Energized Water systems utilize the principles founded by water pioneer-Victor Schauberger and has evolved into some astounding results. W.E.T. breaks up the structure of the water, causing water to restructure its ‘memory’ erasing the effects of previous water contaminants. The water is then re-clustered, using the action of the vortex either with physical redirection or more effectively by using electromagnetic fields.

Benefits of W.E.T water

Softer, Silkier feel to the water

Better garden or crop growth is possible.

Reduces “hard water” spotting and staining scale buildup.

All this with NO water wastage.  

W.E.T works best if combined with the Ssoft Redox

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