If you turn your tap on and find the water to be rusty looking, or run a bath and notice the water looks rusty or murky.  Rust colored water is a strong indication of the presence of iron. This will be in one or more of three forms of iron.

When the water is rust colored coming out of the tap – you will have either organics containing organic iron or oxidized iron – basically rust. Removing these is two different processes.  In order to effectively remove iron you need to understand the type of iron you are dealing with.

  • If you have water that runs clear and will turn rusty over minutes if left exposed to air. This indicates the presence of dissolved iron. A water softener can remove dissolved iron but is not very effective at removing oxidized iron and not at all effective at removing organic iron.
  • Oxidized iron or dissolved iron is best treated with an AiO Air’N’Sand filter. At lower levels can be treated with a SSoft Redox system or specialty filters.

Dissolved iron can be effectively removed with a water softener.

  • Organic iron can be removed somewhat effectively removed by a backwashing carbon filter or even a carbon block filter, but often a salt based color removal unit will work better. There are specialty filters for the different types of organic issues. In some instances the Air’N’Sand with Filox will effectively remove organic iron

Within the Okanagan there are times of the year that water can become murky from the snow pack run off.  During these times water can be muddy looking.  We can put in a sediment filter and carbon filter in a Big Blue unit.  Or a salt based color conditioner or back washing carbon filter for the bigger problems