Solving your water needs. Trust us and we will prove it!

Water Analysis

Alternative Water Solutions are full-time water professionals – experts in determining your specific requirements. So, if you’re not quite sure about the quality of your water – be it iron content, acidity and/or hardness, Alernative Water Solutions will analyze a sample of your water and make the appropriate recommendations. Within the South Central region of British Columbia, this service is often free – our opportunity to win your confidence. We can ensure you will have clean, clear, high quality water.

Correcting any Water Problem

Through testing and retesting Alternative Water Solutions will correct any water problem.

Alternative Water Solutions pride themselves on years of satisfied customers. We service most types of water treatment large and small and are currently trusted by many water bottling facilities, commercial institutions and food services for services. Our business has been built on word of mouth referrals and we intend to continue to built on our excellent reputation.

Our guarenteed service and supply:

  • Water Softeners – all makes, all sizes – residential and commercial systems.
  • Reverse Osmosis systems – residential and commercial systems
  • Automatic filters, Iron, chlorine, tannin removal, etc
  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • Physical Water Treatment systems
  • Supply and Service Filter cartridges, all sizes and categories
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection systems, residential and commercial
  • Chemical treatment systems, residential and small commercial systems
  • Alternative Water Solutions carries a large inventory of parts and supplies for the above listed systems

Servicing and Repairs

Alternative Water Solutions is gaining new customers continuouly throughout the Okanagan Valley, Shuswap and other areas of British Columbia.

Custom Treatment Designs,

Residential and Small Water Systems

With the increase in awareness of the importance of water – many small communities and individuals are looking for better ways to ensure safe and pleasant water. Most water treatment companies sell equipment and will provide a quick analysis and prescribe a standard set of treatment systems they sell, however Alternative Water Solutions does not merely sell equipment – we provide solutions. We will design, supply and install a system for you, for your business or for your community.

Alternative Water Solutions will fully analyse your water needs and design a system best suited to your needs and your budget. We promise to explore alternative treatment options that may be more suited to your specific budget or philosophy. We are determined to give you only the best.

Coordinating your needs to Government requirements

Alternative Water Solutions is willing to work together with government agencies to provide for you a custom made solution – when practical without the expensive costs of engineering firms. We can accomplish this through our understanding of government mandates, while ensuring that we supply only pre-engineered systems that are proven and tested by government monitored agencies to perform to stated standards in accordance with the requirements of governing agencies like Ministry of Health.