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Sanitron Technology: Successful for many years..Nature can be working against you Calcium Deposits!


Calcium and magnesium minerals often found in drinking and process water can grow dagger like deposits inside pipe and other wetted surfaces, see photographs. When water – either flowing or at rest – is heated or swirled under pressure, calcium deposits can already be expected at a hardness of 70-700ppm CaCO3.

? Rust also is a constant companion of water systems, causing unsightly stains and costly maintenance and repair.


Sanitron is scientifically tested and proven to physically influence a variety of liquids, lime deposit forming minerals and lime dissolving carbonic acids resulting in 100% effective prevention of deposit formation.

The Sanitron process will, not only prevent but remove calcium and rust deposits that have already formed inside water pipes of practically all indoor and outdoor water supply, such as domestic, recreational, institutional and industrial systems. Sanitron works with a variety of liquids, varying water hardness, temperature, conductivity, pH values, pressure, and with a wide range of known piping materials.
In greenhouse operations Sanitron-vitalized water increases seed germination by as much as 30% and plant rooting and growth by 20%.

Sanitron treated water prevents clogging or irrigation nozzles, swimming pool, air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration systems. Sanitron treated drinking water excels in taste, clarity and lack of odor.


Among many outstanding health benefits are, hydration of the body, a mineral-rich drinking water, the counteraction to increasingly detrimental acidification of the human body.

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Energy consumption is less than a 100Watt light bulb (for series 1000 units). None of our units contain any wear items, all components are of high quality materials having long service life. Even after many years of operation, there are no service costs incurred in maintaining the equipment.


Substantial savings in replacement and maintenance costs will quickly recover the Sanitron investment.


Sanitron units will result in substantial savings of detergents, rinsing agents and also eliminate the cost of salt required for ion exchange water softening installations (already outlawed in many jurisdictions.


The Sanitron Broadband Induction Technology was developed by Sirox Akua Technik of Switzerland. The typical unit consists of an electronic device powered by 120 volt ac 60 Hz with a 12 volt dc adaptor of 400mA output. It is housed in a high quality, fully sealed plastic box, measuring approximately 10” wide by 6 ¼” high by 3 ½” deep. The only exterior connecter components are four sets of wires, for the purpose of creating magnetic coils, as depicted in the wiring diagram. The Sanitron Technology utilizes programmed, alternating electro-magnetic fields of pulsating frequencies, swirling water molecules 6,000,000 times per hour. Pre-programmed at the factory, they nevertheless can be fine-tuned with an exterior knob(s) by an experienced operator.


The effect on the fresh water system of an installation depends on the correct equipment selection. The electro-magnetic forces can only produce maximal results, when they are tuned to the specific piping- and warm water equipment of an installation. It is the entire surface and the volume of a water supply system, to which the frequency-sequence has to be tuned. (See technical information). We can provide custom design for other liquids and waste water system upon their analysis.


– Induction Technology with programmed electro-magnetic alternating fields and pulsing frequencies. Types are subject specific and factory pre-programmed, with on-board fine-tuning capability.
– By way of program control, the user has the option of simply changing the frequency mix, in order to guarantee full effectiveness for a long period of time at minimal energy consumption.
– The unique Sanitro-Broadband Technology allows optimum effects on the subject material under varying water hardness, temperature, conductivity and Ph fluid value under varying pressure and a wide range of piping materials and systems with fluids static or in motion.
– The induction is programmed for the on-site piping material of the installation. It is therefore possible to install the induction cables on all known materials. There are no induction losses. Full effectiveness in fluids is always maintained. (Equipment Series 1000-10P up to 5000-10P).


The officially and scientifically tested technology makes it possible to guarantee the physical influence over various liquids, calcium-deposit forming minerals, calcium dissolving carbonic-acid as well as over rust formation on metal surfaces. Up to 100% effectiveness have been proven in long-term (4 years) trials.


Health promoting and otherwise harmless minerals, under “unnatural” conditions are capable to grow like daggers, to spread out and form deposits (see photographs).
Where, for example, water is flowing in piping systems and becomes heated or swirled, flows under pressure or is at rest, calcium deposits can already be expected at dH4 / fH7. The entire knowledge of the complex interaction of the chemical-physical nature in fluids is taken into account in the control of each Sanitron installation, in order to assure optimum effectiveness for the client.
Sanitron broadband technique makes it possible the guaranteed elimination or removal of various deposits in vastly differing systems, in which fluids are utilized or in industrial applications and clarifiers where their use can lead to massive deposits. All Sanitron installations are technically capable to deliver deposit-free mineral-containing water, to preserve property values and to improve utility installations and to reduce necessary maintenance costs dramatically. Additionally you save dish washer rinsing agents and detergents for laundry and cleaning jobs and at the same time lightening waste water contaminants.

? See inside for Quick Equipment Selection for Budgeting Purposes. When ready to order, our local representative should be consulted to assist in determining the correct equipment size.

? We custom-design units for the treatment of other liquids, of waste water systems for large, industrial and institutional water users.


Installation is child’s play. It is carried out near the water meter, without the need of having to open the piping system. Typical installation instructions and wiring diagram are shown on the website.


All units are precision made in Switzerland and have undergone many practical tests and scientific long-term trials, commissioned at technical universities and The Swiss Institutes for potable and waste-water systems.
They have successfully passed the standard test for mineral deposits. See these references: BUWAL*, EAWAG**,ETHZ*** These and other references can be.


90 Day Money Back Guaranteed. Our confidence in our product compels us to extend a 90 Cay-Money-Back trial period or an exchange for another model in our product line. If you are still not completely satisfied within 90 days with another model, you can return it to us for a full refund.


The Sanitron Technique by Sirox will dissolve build-up of calcium carbonate deposits in your pipes and appliances. Depending on the severity of deposits, the length of time required to clean things up completely will vary. It could take from a few days to several months. Observing deposits being flushed out of your water lines and appliances is proof that the process is working. We have provided standard industrial size und custom designed units for Government owned buildings, Institutional installations for senior citizens homes, hospitals, retirement communities, apartment complexes and thousands of private, individual installations.


Sirox Akua-Technik or its dealers and representatives are not engaged in providing medical advice and makes no claim to the product’s capability to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. If you have a medical problem, please contact a qualified health professional. At this time, Health Canada has neither checked nor approved this product.

In order to back up performance claims we gladly provide contact information for any of the above companies or institutions, allowing you application-specific reference and research. Our offer is inclusive of previously mentioned contacts like the Swiss Federal Environmental Institutes of Technology and other.