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It All Starts With Water Analysis To Better Understand Your Water Quality

If you find yourself uncertain about the quality of the water in your home, whether it’s concerns regarding iron content, acidity levels, or water hardness, you can count on Alternative Water Solutions to provide the clarity and guidance you need. We offer a comprehensive water analysis service that begins with collecting a sample of your water supply. This step is crucial because it allows us to gain a deep understanding of your water’s unique composition and characteristics.

Once we have your water sample in hand, our staff will conduct a thorough analysis in our shop, assessing various parameters and factors that affect water quality. This comprehensive evaluation enables us to pinpoint any issues, such as excessive iron, high acidity, or water hardness, that might be affecting your water.

What’s The Next Step?

Based on the results of our analysis, we will then provide you with a recommended solution to address these challenges. When we meet, we will provide you with all the information you need to make a very informed decision. We are unique in offering our advice and expertise -from the initial water test right through to the final installation. Our end goal is clean, safe, and high-quality water in your home!

Correcting Water Issues Alternative Water Solutions
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The Right Solution for Your Budget

Our commitment at Alternative Water Solutions goes beyond just providing a one-size-fits-all water treatment approach. We understand that each client’s water needs are unique, and that’s why we place great importance on a complete solution for your water situation. Our in-depth analysis forms the foundation upon which we will design a system that not only meets your needs but also aligns with your budget. We believe in offering you a range of choices.

The Most Common Water Issues In Your Home

Unpleasant Taste?

Limited Lather In The Shower or Sink?

Rotten Egg Smell?

Rust-Coloured Water?

Rust or Green Coloured Stains?

White Residue on Glass?

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